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Mobile Park Homes: Average build specifications and optional extras for Log Mobile Homes

Average build specifications and optional extras for Log Mobile Homes

The specifications below are designed to show you what is possible for a completed build for a cabin using 88mm thick glulam logs.

Gluelam logs are used for all the best quality houses in Finland, because of their strength plus they are very unlikely to twist as can happen with solid logs.

Log Walls:

88mm Gluelam logs with 100 mm insulation kit and 20mm wall covering = 208mm thick walls with either timber or plasterboard cladding.
Alternative to above: Double log wall (2 x 70mm logs) with 70 mm insulation between the walls = 210mm thick walls and an all timber interior


Tile profile roof with overhang or Felt Shingles onto board for the roof covering.


High quality double glazed windows fully treated


Wide extra width disable size doors


Glulam natural square log finish


These cabins are usually constructed onto a steel universal column base (Not included in kit) fixed to a tanalised ring beam which is part of the kit


Interior built floors pine T&G or standard USB as required Timber T&G ceilings or plasterboard as required


Picture rails
Timber coving
Ceiling coving 100mm


We reserve the right to alter the above specifications in the interest of product improvement.