Mobile Park Homes: Mobile home kits - complete with all building components - including double glazed windows and doors
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Mobile Park Homes - Suggested Uses

Log Mobile Home

Wooden Holiday Lodges

Laminated Transportable Log Mobile homes and bungalows can be adapted for many uses in a variety of styles.

Holiday Villas

Ideal for weekend or long term usage, they are well insulated making them cool in the summer and warm in winter, enabling you to attract customers all year round.
This in itself is a bonus over the standard mobile living vans, which can become quite uncomfortable during the winter months and quite costly to heat.

Fishing Lodges

These Log Park Homes lend themselves ideally to fishing lodges. If built with a verandah, they can be erected with the verandah overhanging the lake, enabling fishing to take place directly from the verandah if required. This is ideal for the disabled angler.

Storage space

When inquiring please give adequate thought to storage space within, to accommodate all the bits and pieces that an angler uses.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Try one ! We are sure you will be very pleased, not only with the price and quality, but the return visits you will get from your customers.

Student Accommodation

Fruit Growers, Farmers, Nurseries and any other businesses that need seasonal staff knows how difficult it is to find suitable accommodation for seasonal labour.


Mostly this labour force is students from other countries, who come to England to further their education and earn extra money.

Origin of Timber

Mostly they are of East European origin and are very hard workers, but need accommodation, preferably on site, as they cannot afford to pay bus or taxi fares too and from work.


These Log mobile dwellings are ideal for this purpose and can be adapted to suit, in design and price, making them a very affordable option. Multiple accommodation units, housing as many students as you wish can be designed and built to your own requirements along with other amenity buildings.


Why don't you drop us a line, giving brief details of your requirements and let us give you an estimated price, subject to the drawings you have provided.
Log dwellings can be sited on a relatively small area, even in your back garden


This makes them very desirable used as 'Granny Annex's' as they can be assembled on site as a transportable building, they can be carried through gates into your garden and erected on a suitable concrete base.


Again, they can be made to your bespoke design, fully insulated, complete with electric's and plumbing etc.

First Time Buyers

Young couples today find it very difficult to find accommodation at a price they can afford.

With the advent of these Log dwellings it is now a reality:

Making your dreams come true.

  • A place of your own.
  • At a price you can afford.
  • They are far more comfortable than living in an old style mobile home.

It is the same as living in a 'Normal' bungalow.


These Park Home dwellings can be built to your specific design, all serious inquiries for quotations are FREE, and all we need in the first instance is a freehand line drawing and profile, showing the room sizes, doors, windows and any other special affects you might require.


The quality of these log cabin mobile homes are quite outstanding, the exterior walls are 88mm thick, the interior insulation alone is 100mm thick plus there is a 20mm thick log profile panel over this, making the walls 208mm thick, also the competitive price astounds most people, who usually expect to pay a much higher price for a building of this very high standard and quality.


Please feel free to inquire, you will be under no obligation and we will be only too pleased to offer any assistance. We only build to customers own requirements and designs.

Size of order

The size of the inquiry is of no importance, if you only require a small single unit or a complete village we can accommodate you, and guarantee you get a very competitive price.

If you are interested in a these quality log mobile


Holiday Log Cabin

Fishing Lodges