Laminated wood forms the basis of a good log mobile home and is available in either Pine or Spruce
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From laminated wood gluelam logs are formed and are made from nature's best construction material ,we're sure that in our range of laminated logs you'll find just the right size of log to meet your construction requirements and preferences.

Only high class pines and spruces are accepted as raw materials for our laminated logs. Not only that, the wood must come from the coldest areas of Finland , where the climate and soil are optimal for the growing trees.

Thanks to this excellent climate, the trees enjoy balanced growth during the winter and summer; wood grown in central area of Finland has an exceptionally durable structure, making it ideally suited for building log houses.

Planning and Building Regulations

All our log houses and bungalows conform to the UK planning and building regulations.


Traditional pine ... or spruce, the pearl of the forests?
You are offered choice between pine and spruce. Both species of wood are excellent for building gluelam log houses. Traditionally, pine wood has been considered to be the one true construction materials. However, we have become convinced that laminated spruce logs are a worthy material for building permanent living houses and other large buildings.

What is a Gluelam Log

Gluelam Logs are formed by cutting logs in two, turning the softer outside to the centre and exposing the harder centre of the tree to the outside, then gluing them back together with a special environmentally friendly glue.
This process not only strengthens the timber, it also virtually eliminates cracking and avoids twisting, so commonly associated with the cheaper solid logs.


The manufacturing company has signed a quality control agreement, (LH02,8.11.96), with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
Their gluelam log production has been awarded a VTT certificate. Continuous quality control ensures the uncompromising quality of their gluelam logs.

Kartano Log

The photo below shows 'Rings' going to the centre where they are glued together. Kartano log - we're proud of these new spruce logs.
The manufacturers R&D work has resulted in new gluelam spruce logs measuring 180 x 260 mm.
They have named it Kartano log. This is the largest laminted spruce log available, and it combines the pale beauty of spruce with durability.
The Kartano log gives you truly gorgeous walls - beautifully pale surface decorated with small knotholes. Kartano is an elegant log that creates a luminous ambience. Kartano's unique characteristics rise to the occasion when used for architecturally demanding applications and in buildings which make great demands on their materials.

Glulam log

Kartano Log