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Granny Annex- The Tervaranta

Granny Annex - The Tervaranta

Granny Annex- The Tervaranta mobile log homes comes in different configurations to suit your needs.

The Tervaranta shown is 20' (6.1m) wide x 20' (6.1) long, one bed, but could easily be turned into a 3 bed if required or extended up to 65' (19.8m).

This model can be supplied in kit form in 70mm solid log or 88mm gluelam log for year round living, complete with insulation framework and timber
log profile wall covering* or unlined for summer use as a holiday home.

A good log home provides a basis for a good granny annex and a good life.
A mobile log house radiates warmth and naturalness.
It is a place for activities, rest and relaxation.
A mobile log home has a very special feel to it.

Our flexibility means that we can offer other Bespoke sizes, models and interior finishes on request.

*No insulation materials are supplied within the insulation kit, due to the vast aray of materials on the market. You can change the timber wall cladding
to plasterboard if required.

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Log home granny annex the Tervaranta.


Tervaranta mezzanine