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Barretts Bridge Leisure Buildings Ltd.

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Terms of Business and Conditions of Sale for Residential and Holiday Log Mobile homes


Ownership in the goods shall pass to the buyer on payment thereof. Payment by whatever means, shall constitute payment hereunder only on clearance of the funds and until payment in full has been made for the goods, we shall have the right to reposes them and to enter on the premises of the buyer for this purpose and in the event of the buyer having disposed of the goods prior to payment in circumstances where ownership has passed to a third party, the proceeds shall be held by the Buyer as Trustee for us until such time as full payment of the original goods has been duly made.


The risk of any loss or damage due to deterioration of the goods once they have been delivered, from whatever cause the deterioration might arise (other than inherent defect) shall fall upon the Buyer. We would like to remind our customers that timber is an organic product, subject to naturally occurring changes that result from different or changing conditions i.e. changes in colour, surface, splits and shrinkage. We cannot accept any responsibility for these natural changes.


Notification of any complaint or shortage should be confirmed in writing within 14 days of the date of delivery, in the event of glass this period is reduced to 48 hours. It is recommended that the customer makes a thorough inspection on delivery or as soon as possible after delivery, and to right any comments about shortages or breakages on the delivery note before signing it and to get the driver to countersign and confirm your comments.

Payment of Residential and Holiday Mobile Log Cabins:

Payment for the above is made by an irrevocable letter of credit from your bank, this becomes due in stages to be agreed between this company and the buyer. We reserve the right to charge interest on any overdue accounts at the rate of 2% per month.

Construction and Erection:

We undertake to construct and deliver your log mobile to your site on the mainland UK, subject to access. This company will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for any faults or complaints regarding the erection or construction of any building/s by a third party, any default/s relating to the third party construction must be referred to the Construction Company concerned. All base work is the responsibility of the customer as is the safe securing of the building once erected if applicable. When planning your buildings position, allow for as much room as possible for the installers to work. Always make allowances for any roof overhang when buildings have to go into confined spaces.


All mobile homes are delivered by specialist low loader transport. Unloading is caried out by specialist crane operatrors. Please advise us in advance if there are any difficulties regarding access or overhead obstructions.

Timber treatment:

Our mobile homes are delivered fully treated with a quality beand of timber preservative. We recommend that you re-treat your buildings at regular intervals to maintain the appearance and life span.

Timber Sizes:

Log thickness given for Mobile Log Cabins are as near as possible the stated thickness. All building dimensions stated are as near as possible, and usually based on the external wall sizes.

Timber Location:

To the best of our knowledge, all the timber used in the construction of the buildings we offer originates from sustainable forests. The timber used in the manufacture of our range of Mobile Log Homes originates from Northern Finland. The climate conditions in Finland ensure that the trees enjoy balanced slow growth producing solid and fibrous timber, being most suitable for log cabin production.


We reserve the right to vary specification of goods sold, materials used or the design of construction of any structure to a degree dictated by the materials available from time to time. Customers will be notified of any substantial variations and in the event of there being substantial variation, given the option to cancel the order. The placing of an order constitutes acceptance of the above conditions.